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News :
Tamilnadu hindu maha sabha’s requests

    A Cycle journey of about  1000kms all over Tamil Nadu under E.Ma.Ka. Maana varani for the hindu religious education was dedicated to tamil nadu’s chief minister.

 The Request as follows:
1. The education should be made mandatory and free for all the children at that age in tamil nadu
2. In tamil nadu our language Tamil education must be the compulsory one. First of all the tamil nadu government job must be given to those who studied the tamil language
3. Good knowledge class like patriotism, devotion, discipline tradition all should be included in the syllabus and all students must be made participated compulsorily
4. As in other countries all students must be trained with one year of army or military practice and also with one year job in army/military
5. The student of islam and Christianity are educated with the knowledge about their religion. We should also make our students to learn about hindu religion in that particular centres
6. The private school running with the point of profit, all should be made under the government control education getting private is more dangerous. So all education rights must come under government
7. Whatever the offers, and helps are given to some hindu people for the start of sc hools, colleges must be given to the most hindu people in tamil nadu.
8. All government school must be included with nursery schools and also with English medium. This should be started as soon as possible.
9. Exercise, sports, computer, yogha, music, dance, meditation all should be learnt by the students in the government schools.
10. Higherpost studies like I.A.S., I.P.S. and also the high technological studies should be practiced by the Tamil student to take place in that and all these should be given free to them; who are all in government schools.
AIMS AND OBJECTS : The aims and objects for which the society is established are as under : (1). To Propagete, promote the religious faith of Hinduism and its glorious ideas. (2). To reclaim all those who have left Hinduism and Welcome others into it. 3). To Propagate ideas of Protection of cow and its Progeny and to curb cow slaughter. (4). To Protect the temple's structures, building and its administration and to do follow up with its customary practice of all sort of Poojas and festivals as per the rites and rituals of Hinduism. (5). To adopt and Propagate concept of equality among the people of this soil and help them to attain their self sustainability. (6). To ameliorate the economic, social, and political conditions of down trodden community, women and children. (7). To promote the idea of "religion was made for human being" and betray a skeptical analysis of unjust power structures. (8). To annihilate social inequality, caste and untouchability. (9). To curb child marriage, girl child abuse and child labour. (10). to promote all forms of ancient arts, fine arts and craftsmanship of Hindu religion. (11). To carry on charitable, social, education and religious activities in line with decision taken by governing body from time to time and to acquire by purchase, gift, or otherwise and manage properties in all form and / or dispose them off for the purpose of society. (12). To establish culture contracts with Hindus abroad and to identify Hindu missionary wrok all over the world. (13). To incorporate or promote institutions or join in hand with societies or associations having objects wholly or in part similar to any objects and to lay down from time to time suitable programs with a view to accomplish the above objects. (14). To conduct summits, seminars, webinars and cultural events to propagate the objects and aims of the society. (15). To carry out such activities as are relevant to the accomplishment of the above goals.